Kanye West Hospitalized after Bizarre On-stage Rant

It definitely seems that Kanye West is dealing with some serious issues. The famous singer was actually hospitalized after a bizarre on-stage rant. The star also decided to cancel his tour. Some sources claimed that he was admitted to a Los Angeles area hospital on late Monday. 

The exact reason why the famous singer was hospitalized has not been revealed. However, Kanye West has managed to create a lot of headlines lately with his very bizarre behavior and his multiple rants. The popular singer seemed to have a lot to say about many people, including his close friends Jay Z and Beyonce. Kanye also talked about the newly elect US President, Donald Trump. 

Actually, maybe the elections result determined Kanye’s rants, as in one concert in Sacramento the rapper lash out against everyone, including Trump and Mark Zuckerberg, who has been in the middle of a controversy himself because of numerous fake news that have been posted on Facebook. So, Kanye seems to have been so upset this time that he actually left abruptly from the stage after about 30 minutes. 

One source explained that the decision for Kanye to be hospitalized actually came as a normal aspect for the singer’s own health and safety. And it appears that regardless of the reason which led to the hospitalization, Kanye will need some time to focus on his well-being, so his upcoming concerts have been canceled. 

The star’s concert promotor was the one who made the official announcement that the rest of Kanye’s tour dates have been called off. The promotor has revealed no official reason for the decision, either, only leading to more questions on what is actually wrong with the star. Of course, a series of rumors have emerged on this aspect, as well. 

Some insiders said that the rapper was actually suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation and this is the reason why he voluntarily checked into the hospital. On the other hand, a TMZ report indicated that authorities were called on the scene for a “psychiatric emergency.” The exact reason of the hospitalization has not been confirmed yet. 

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