JVC HA-RX900, New Budget Headphones

If you are looking for a pair of affordable headphones, JVC HA-RX900 might be the answer. They have the price tag of 100 dollars, but you can look for them online because they can be found for 63 dollars in US and £57 in the UK. They have the size of the big-boy headphones that really lives up to its full-size name, compared with the dimension of other rivals, like Sennheiser, Sony, Audio-Technica or Panasonic.

JVC HA-RX900 has a very cool design, with big ear-cups that cover the entire ears, with a lavish aesthetic and the headband that works in two parts, with a thin wire structure that helps you for initial fitting. The headphones have a legitimate weight disadvantage (0.36 kg), probably because of its massive 11.5 foot cord that is dangling from the left earcup. They are recommended for mobile use, but you must know that they do not come with a carrying case. 

During long use, the cups tend to heat up, due to the synthetic leather. So, it is recommended to take a brake every hour or two. Another problem linked to these products is that the earpads could not be replaceable. If you have followed Amazon’s reviews, you have been noticed that a number of buyers return this product due to its glue loosening up and causing the pads to sag. This is a bad oversight even in the budget price range. Sony and Audio-Tehcnina, at the same price range, offer a variety of options in their aftermarket pads.

The sound is very good, the circumaural design wraps securely around your head, so there is no sound leaking to the outside world and it actually helps you block unwanted outside noise. After you found an optimum volume level for your daily use, the HA-RX900 will prove to be a good product. If you don’t want to spend more than 100 dollars on headphones to use at work or at home, HA-RX900 can be the perfect product. These headphones are the best combination of a budget price tag and ample soundstage. They demonstrate a warm balance of emotion and contained movement. 

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