Justin Bieber wants to have kids soon

Pop sensation Justin Bieber, 18, recently confessed that he wants to have kids pretty soon. He told Women’s Wear Daily that he does not want to wait too much until being a dad, Us Magazine reports.

Justin Bieber wants to be a young dad. He does not want to wait until 50, unlike other Hollywood celebs, to have whom to go in a family weekend with. The young pop star gave an interview to Women’s Wear Daily on Thursday, in which, among other things – such as clothing – he talked about his plans of starting a family in the future.

“I want to be a young dad”, says Bieber, who believes the perfect age to start his own family would be before turning 30. Well by 25 or 26, “I want to see myself, like, married or start looking for a family”, he confessed.  He says there are a lot of factors that he will have to take into account, but” if the time is right, I definitely want to be married by 25.”

One thing is for sure. He got the money problem fixed. If, before being famous, he was pretty poor and raised only by his mother, Bieber is now in the top of the highest paid celebrities of the moment. “I always thought, ‘If I ever get rich or famous, I will help people who are less fortunate than me’”, he told the publication. And he has kept his word. In 2011 he is helping with the food drive in his hometown.

And now back to his marriage plans. When asked about whether he considers Selena Gomez a candidate for marriage, Bieber explains that “she’s my girlfriend right now”. This is another polite way to say that if you’re getting married 8 years from now, who know who will you be making out then? Nevertheless, he adds “she’s amazing”, but insists on the idea that his wedding plans are not as near. “One thing — I’m not looking to get married now.”

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  1. Justin B your so crazy you are only 17 you can’t have kids yet you don’t have a girlfriend or wife ………….BUT I can be your girlfriend or wife now since you are not dating Selena G you can be my boyfriend or husband love u/GABBY.

  2. Gabby if you read the whole article it said he’s dating Selena Gomez so and he might have a kidvin April accorrding to weekly world .

  3. justin bieber

    you are dating selena gomez s your her boyfriend right now it would be nices if you had a child before 25 years old that would be so cool because he could be carry your name and he would become your dads boy he would take after you he would have your gift to want to become a singing you and selena gomezs become your wife ask her if she would like to have a baby now before your 25 selena gomezs is a very great women she would have a baby with you rightnow justin bieber tell to ask her to have your baby then texts me this your fan tony kersanty

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