Justin Bieber took the paternity test, as promised

Pop artist Justin Bieber told David Letterman on Tuesday that he indeed took the paternity test, as promised. Access Hollywood reports that the singer told the TV show host in a recording done for “The Late Show with David Letterman” that it wasn’t a big deal. “”They just swab your mouth.”

On Tuesday night, Justin Bieber, 17, announced that he kept his promise to the public and went to take the DNA test that is meant to prove he is not the father of Mariah Yeater’s baby. Earlier this month, Yeater made it public that she filed a lawsuit against Bieber so he would recognize he fathered a child with her. According to her statement, they hooked up on October 28 2010, and from that affair, a baby boy was born. The 21-year-old mother gave a series of details on the short time she had supposedly spent with the pop star, but none of them seem to be true. Last week, it was reported that she silently dropped all the charges against Bieber.

However, Justin felt like he had something to prove to his fans: that he was not lying and was not trying to shift responsibility. He announced that he is going to provide a DNA sample as soon as he would come back from touring.  “Yeah, I took it”, he told David Letterman.

When talking about celebrities being victims of invented stories quite often, Bieber seemed to take the risk very well. He was very calm and in control.I”t’s going to happen. Being in the spotlight – people can say whatever”, the teenager said. He never saw himself as a victim during the paternity scandal. In fact, he even said he had no intention to be a victim in the situation and was planning to fight back.
So what now? About a week ago, Bieber said that after taking the paternity test, he intends to file a lawsuit against Mariah Yeater for false allegations. Will he do that?

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  1. justin i always belived. you weren`t the father of yeater`s baby she was just a fan and wanted to ruin your career. i am 12 and understand what she wanted to do to your career she was just wanting your money you did the right thing and told them you agreed to the DNA test it would be my dream to meet you i might become famus on disney bc i have an innerview with newyork producer wish me good luck….:]]]

  2. i always was on ur side justin. she was just tryin to get ur money and ruin ur life. that is what made me upset when justin is upset im upset \.

  3. Well why do they believe mariah yeater isn’t justin 18 that is so stupid wat mariah yeater is sayinq I guess that gurl wnts some money just saying :/

  4. I am so tired of hearing about Justin Bieber and this ridiculous publicity stunt. I am sure it is just a runor he started to take attention away from the fact he is gay. Well this will come back to haunt him when he comes out of the closet he will look like a liar. he is gay and Usher is his boyfriend.

  5. Justin is just a wonderful individual and great musician.
    The Press has to stop coming up with bunch of articles which are not true about him.

    Mariah Yeater’s lawyer should ask her ex boyfriend (ROBBIE) to the DNA test first. What type of lawyers out there to make money.. It is ashamed USA justice system is being abused by these type of opportunistic Lawyers who go after famous people. Why does not Mr. Leving (Mariah’s lawyer) go after other people who does not have money? Like Mariah’s baby’s real father Robbie.

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