Justin Bieber to take DNA test and sue Mariah Yeater

The recent paternity scandal surrounding pop star Justin Bieber made him agree to take the DNA test in order to prove that Mariah Yeater’s baby is not his and plans to sue her afterwards, TMZ reports. The proceedings will begin as soon as Bieber returns from the tour in Europe.

Justin Bieber was doing just fine until a week ago, when a girl in San Diego named Mariah Yeater came out and said that her three-months-old baby is the singer’s son.  The 20-year-old mother sued him in order to get parental support and a last name for her baby. According to her declaration in the official file, Bieber and she spent the night of October 25, 2010 together. He supposedly told her that he is attracted to her, wants to make love to her and that would be his first time. Yeater says he did not want to use protection.

The story of the supposedly Bieber’s baby threatened his cozy love nest with girlfriend Selena Gomez and the public image he has to keep. Even though his fans remained loyal, claiming they will still love him, even though it will be proven the baby is indeed his, Bieber wants to set the record straight. He stated several times that he never met Yeater. On Friday, during the appearance on the Today show, he said: “It’s crazy, because every night after the show I’ve gone right from the stage right to my car.”
 Now, according to TMZ, he intends to take the paternity test (as Mariah requests) so he can prove once and for all that it is all a lie. Moreover, he is planning on suing Yeater for the false allegations.
The singer is currently touring and will begin all the proceeding once he is back in the United States.

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  1. Mariah Yeater is only trying to get attention,money,and she is also trying to exploit Justin Bieber(I AM A HUGE FAN of Justin Bieber 🙂 ) I think it’s cruel for a woman to do that just for fame. At first she was just another person in the world and now she’s on “Star Magazine”. It makes me very sick.

  2. I totally support justin bieber and the fact that the baby isn’t his. I would love to have a chance meet justin bieber. He is a very dedicated artist. I love all his music. I want nothing but the best for him. I am is number one fan truely. I want to have a chance to work with Justin bieber. I want him to keep his faith and stay strong. I luv you always and forever. Keep making me proud!!!!!!!
    Love, Katrina Childs

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