Justin Bieber gets car for his birthday

Justin Bieber was invited at the Ellen DeGeneres” show on Thursday where he received a surprise gift for his birthday from his manager: a $100,000 electric car. According to Us Weekly, the singer has just turned 18 years old and people in his team wanted to reward him for his work with a car.

Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun interrupted the singer’s interview on Ellen DeGeneres’ show to introduce the present. He declared that everyone appreciates the efforts that Justin makes for his work and they want to reward him for that with one of his favorite cars.

Steve Braun further added that the “Baby” interpreter is involved in numerous charitable projects. He even launched a new foundation called “Make A Wish” to help people. Even though the manager always asked Bieber to be humble, he decided to break his own rule and he bought the singer a luxurious car. However, the manager chose an electric vehicle because he wanted the player to stay environmentally safe while on the road.

Nevertheless, the 18-year-old didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that the car is electric. On the contrary, he told Ellen DeGeneres and people who were watching the show that he had always wanted an eco-friendly car. He then ran towards the vehicle and hopped in on the driver’s seat to test it; he later on described it as “amazing”. Braun added that Usher has also contributed to the gift because they both wanted to do something special for the kid.

Now that Bieber has got a new car, he will have to provide it with the proper accessories. Ellen DeGeneres was the first to give him a customized sun shade containing a photo of their faces for the singer to protect his car when he parks it in the sun. She also gave him a bobble head of the talk show host to place it on the dashboard and wished him “Happy Birthday!” Justin liked the gifts very much, so he immediately placed the sun shade on the windshield.

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jaiden Aug 22, 2012 6:02am

that mads justin can u give me 1000$

jaiden Aug 22, 2012 6:02am

plzzz bra

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