Julia Roberts Loves Romantic Comedies

It seems that famous actress Julia Roberts just loves to star in romantic comedies. The famous actress revealed that she does not plan on giving up romantic comedies any time soon. The star opened up about her career during a recent interview with The New York Times. 

So, Julia decided to talk about her latest movie and how she evolved from romantic comedies. Julia Roberts is currently promoting her latest movie, The Secret in Their Eyes. The star claimed that she loves romantic comedies and has absolutely nothing against starring in such movies again. “People say, oh she’s against romantic comedies—I’m not. I love them,” Julia said during her interview. “I’ve been fortunate enough to be in some really good ones, so the bar for me is really high.”

Julia Roberts is without a doubt very well known for roles in movies such as Pretty Woman, Notting Hill or Runaway Bride. Well, the actress said that the reason why she had not starred in romantic comedies is not given by the fact that she refused such roles, but by the fact that finding a good role for her is quite hard. 

“It’s hard to find a true original idea of a romantic comedy for a 47-year-old person, that’s going to be funny and realistic and relatable,” the actress said. “I’m totally open to it. I would love to read a good romantic comedy,” she went on to add. 

The actress also decided to talk about her plans for the holidays. The star claimed that she just wants to spend the holidays with her family, at home, “just eat and be cozy.” During another recent interview, Julia revealed that she really likes to cook and she just cooks “what anybody wants to eat.” “To feed people is one of the joys in my life,” she said. 

Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder have three children together. The two have been married for no less than 13 years. Julia has chosen family over Hollywood life since she and Danny started a family. However, the actress continued to star in some movies. 

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