Judge Orders DNA Test on Prince’s Possible Love Child

Following the death of famous singer Prince, his fortune has managed to make a series of headlines. Now, it seems that a judge ordered the special administrator of Prince’s estate to settle a paternity issue that has just emerged. Prince left behind a fortune of no less than $300 million. 

So, until now at least two people have come to claim the impressive $300 million estate. Initially, a woman claimed a share of Prince’s money, saying that she was the late singer’s half-sister. Now, a man claimed that he was actually the musician’s secret love child. If the claims are true or not might be easily proven through a DNA test. 

So, the judge has now ordered generic testing on the late singer’s blood to find out if Prince really has a love child. The judge also decided that the test should be performed by the DNA Diagnostics Center and should be used for purposes needed by the administration of the Estate. 

The story might be far away from ending, as Radar Online actually reported that this man might not be the only one to come forward and claim to be Prince’s love child. The man, is said to be in his mid 30s and lives in the Midwest. Reportedly, the man claimed that the famous singer and his mother had several encounters in the 80s. However, it remains unclear for now if the man has agreed with taking the DNA test or not. 

Furthermore, it is yet to see if more individuals will come forward saying that Prince fathered them. Radar Online reported that many people have claimed to be related to the star following his death. If in the end DNA tests prove that Prince really has no child, his impressive fortune will be split among his full sister and his half-siblings. Prince also left behind thousands of unreleased songs which might turn out to increase his estate in the following years. 

Prince has been married twice and has had only one child with his first wife. Tragically, the boy died when he was only a week old. 

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