Josh Hamilton Ties Record With 4 Home Runs

Josh Hamilton didn’t just help the Texas Rangers nail a victory, he also managed to tie a record with the four home runs he performed on Tuesday. According to Huffington Post, the outfielder became the 16th player to make four base hits in a game carrying his team to a 10-3 victory against the Baltimore Orioles.

The Tuesday game offered many interesting moments to the Rangers’ fans. Nevertheless, it was the four home runs scored by Josh Hamilton that kept the crowed entertained throughout the whole evening. The player was very calm when he stepped to the plate in the eighth inning. He told reporters that he had already scored three home runs, so there was no reason for him to worry about the outcome of his following move. Hamilton never scored more than two home runs in a game, but his expectations have been exceeded when he tied the third and the fourth base hits.

The first and the second home runs were scored during the first and the third innings against Jake Arrieta. Another one came in the seventh against Zach Phillips and concluded with a shot against O’Day. Hamilton admitted that the feelings he experienced after the four home runs were a lot different than being in the World Series, the most significant accomplishment in his career. The first time he hit two runs, the baseball player thought he would never be able to hit three in a game. Despite this, his skills got better and better in time enabling the baseball player to tie MLB records.

The Rangers’ were all incredibly happy for their colleague’s achievement. Their joy gave Hamilton many more reasons to take pride in his performance and to work to obtain similar results in the future. The record reminded the outfielder why he wanted to become a baseball player when he was a child.

Rangers’ manager Ron Washington was pleasantly surprised by Josh Hamilton’s results. He always knew there was a lot of potential in Hamilton, but never expected the outfielder to perform the way he did during the Tuesday game.

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