Jonathan Rhys Meyers, not suicidal, but drunk

The recent news about the Tudors star are bad, bad, bad. Early suppositions about the state he was in a few days ago, when the ambulance and the police stopped in front of his house, were that he attempted suicide. But a source tells Us Weekly that he was not suicidal, but drunk.

The gorgeous Golden Globe-winning actor was rushed to the hospital on the night of June 28. Initial indications led to the idea of a suicide attempt.

But then a source who is close to the actor said to Us Weekly that the Irish star hadn’t tried to kill himself. He was drinking too much. Meyers has taken up drinking again, apparently and he was found by the ambulance and the police into an alcohol binge. “It was not a suicide attempt. He did relapse and was hospitalized for that, but was released,” the source said.

The ambulance service has arrived to the actor’s home in Maida Vale, in North London and tried to be of assistance for about 30 minutes before calling the police. Meyers refused the paramedics’ help so the London Ambulance Service had to call for backup. There are celebrities that eventually seek help for alcoholics, but many of them don’t give it much thought.

They rushed him to the hospital where he got the urgent care he needed. The officers confirmed to the press that they had an intervention to the 33-yearl-old actor’s home. They stated that they did receive a phone call from the ambulance service because of “a man refusing treatment. The man was rushed to the hospital”.

Several hours later Meyers was released, but had “no comment” about the media speculation regarding his attempted suicide. This idea might have been crossing through hir neighbors’ minds that night, as well: “I saw the ambulance arriving and was worried to death,” said one of them. “Jonathan is a lovely guy. You see him all the time in the street. He says hello and is very pleasant. I hope he is fine” said another one.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been struggling with his alcohol problems for years. Some speculate that his latest relapse has something to do with him breaking-up with heiress Reena Hammer, after a 7-year-long relationship. The rumors have not been confirmed.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your relapse. I am from Zimbabwe. and met you at the Hope Street meetings in Cape Town. Believe in your Higher Power one day at a time you are a worthwhile person Since then I have watched every movie you”ve been in.Always in my thoughts.Bounce back you can do it.

  2. Lots of love from Barcelona. Just to be alive is…wonderful.I can love a movie just because you are in.

  3. You’re one of the most talented and intelligent young actors I’ve seen and have so much enjoyed your performances. You have so much to give so please keep the faith, don’t give up.

    Love Deborah

  4. Sending encouragement from the midwest United States as well. Find strength [to fight your demons] in the many, many people around the world who wish for your well-being, Jonathan. XO


  5. To those whom much is given… Much is expected! Stop looking for the next high, Jonathon. You are an actor, so start acting like an adult. I wish you the best. You can sober up if you want to. May god bless you.

  6. Why is it that when a celebrity does what (every other human being) does has to be overanalysed? The man likes his alcohol just like every one else in this world…the fact that he has some demons to win over is NONE of our buisness..leave the man be and live his life for cyin out loud!!!!

    Johnny dont let anyone tell u what to do or how to behave..when u and only u feel its time for a new chapter in ur life u’ll find out what ur purpose is in life.

    With love Nadia

  7. I would never usually comment on such websites, and I don’t know if Johnathan would read such…but if he did…

    I lost my mother the same week as you. Since then the words of Paul Simon dictate my days…

    (Because) losing love is like a window in your heart
    Everybody sees you’re blown apart
    Everybody feels the wind blow

    Much love to you

  8. Jonathan!I you may not realise how fantastic an actor you are! In tudors , you made it so. Watchable and that is when I became your fan.
    No one understands the issues that torture yo soul better than you and the loss of you mum. Will always eat. You! It will never be easy. But with time, you learn to live with that.
    While the good memories keep you going! You have so much ahead of you and just know that you are loved by those who appreciate your talent though you may not believe! Don’t. You ever give up there’s much in you to give!get well soon.your mum is now your angle,

  9. Hi jonny , I’m from singapore, ever since I watch the Tudor series , I really feel that you’re a gifted actor . You act with your whole being and able to draw me into the act which make me feel emotionally draw to you.

    When I saw the news that you were admitted to hospital, I felt sad , I hope you can overcome & be strengthen in whatever stress or problem you ‘re facing . Be strong & courageous . Hoping to see more of your movies & tv series in future .

  10. You are such a tremendous talented actor that the world cannot afford to lose or your tremendous self value as a human being. I lost my mother in 2007 Dec and trust it hurt like hell. And I promise you not a single day dies not go by that I do not think and reflect on the memories of my wonderful mother. But know this, there are others who have been through similar and you owe it to your mother to honour her memory by achieving success in this life. No greater honour can be bestowed upon her or praise. Oh and you were brilliant in Henry viii. I have just today watched your performance in Mission Impossible 3. Pleasant surprise! Get well soon.

  11. Your a talented and have fans like me that admire your work love you in the tutors wish you the best… Don’t want to lose a great person like you….

  12. Oh no…I absolutely adore him…He is so good in everything that he does…I actually watched episode 5 and 6 of the Tudors on Netflix today…Johnathan, if you can read this, please take this simple sounding advice…A little bit every day, one day at a time…<3 Seriously, you are a beautiful and talented man, and you are Irish, (just like me)! No need for the drinkin and the pills, hun. Will be praying for ya.

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