John Mayer diagnosed with granuloma

Musician John Mayer, 33, had to stop performing for a while because of a serious throat diagnosis: granuloma. The condition caused him to cancel a number of concerts and a delay in the release of his next album, Us Magazine reports. Mayer says that he tried to “correct” the condition, but for the moment, he has been advised to take a break, though.

Grammy Award-winning singer John Mayer will not be singing for a while. He has been diagnosed with a throat condition that does not allow him any vocal effort: granuloma. It is the diagnosis received when a nodule near his vocal cords got inflamed. He announced the news on his blog, stating also that he tried for weeks to treat it, in the hope that it will not interfere with his performance schedule. However, after months of “going week to week monitoring and hoping to correct the condition, I am forced to cancel my upcoming singing engagements”, Mayer wrote.

Granuloma is a voice disorder that manifests through a growth near the vocal cords as a result of an irritation or of trauma. Symptoms include hoarseness and difficulty in raising the voice volume. The treatment includes certain changes in diet habits and anti-acid medication. Sometimes, the granuloma is removed through surgery.

The singer has cancelled the iheartradio Music Festival performance in Las Vegas and an appearance along with Tony Bennett in Los Angeles. In regard to the release of the new album, he says that it will have to wait a little more, as he did not have the time to record some of the tracks. So, instead of being released at the end of this year, “Born and Raised” will be released next year.

Mayer also writes that he’s got “the best doctors in the country looking after [him]” and that will get him on stage in no time. But until then, he will take advantage of the spare time and will start writing and composing new songs. “And kicking an empty soup can around the West Village” he adds.

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