Joey Votto Signs With Reds

Joey Votto had just signed an agreement with the Cincinnati Reds for a 10-year extension, according to ESPN. Talks have started seven days ago, but the $225 million extension was signed on Monday.

The Cincinnati Reds have been trying to get the first baseman on their side since spring training, but it was only last week that Joey Votto started to take their offers into consideration. After a week of talks and negotiations, Votto signed a 10-year extension that is worth $225 million.

The news hasn’t been confirmed yet by the managers of the team, but sources claim that the agreement has already been made. Reporters at ESPN contacted Votto on Monday morning, but he refused to reveal the date of the deal. He suggested reporters to ask Reds’ general manager, Walt Jocketty.

Analysts are convinced that the extension has already been signed because Cincinnati wanted to sign Votto to a long-term deal since 2010. The 28-year-old first baseman helped the Reds win the NL Central title and the NL MVP Award that year. Despite this, they preferred to sign a three-year contract because it was much more convenient from a financial and a bureaucratic point of view. The team was paying the first baseman $38 million a year and avoided any other salary arbitration until 2013 – the due date of the contract.

Votto’s base salary was set to $9.5 million in 2012 and to $17 million for next year. His results have been very good so far. He made it to the All-star team for the second year due to the .309 average he scored last season, as well as the 28 homers and 103 RBIs.

Judging by the recent deals, it looks like the Reds are doing everything to attract young players to their team. Votto is not the only young player who signed a multiyear contract; outfielder Jay Bruce also got a six-year agreement due to his results in the 2010 season. The deal is worth $51 million.

There have been players who left the Reds because they were offered better contracts at other teams, so Cincinnati may be looking for a way of preventing its best players from leaving. Albert Pujols, for instance signed a 10-year deal of $254 million with the Angels last year.

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