Joe Mauer engaged to ‘Best Friend’ Maddie Bisanz

It’s a sad day for women living in Minnesota because the Twins catcher announced his intentions of settling down with the woman he loves. According to the Associated Press, Joe Mauer got engaged during the past weekend with his ‘Best Friend’ Maddie Bizans.

Their beautiful love story began a while ago when Joe was at the Cretin-Derham Hall. His fiancé also graduate from this Catholic high-school, so the two have a lot in common. The engagement party was held in Sanibel Florida, away from the paparazzi’s eyes. Regardless of this, the media was still able to get the baseball player’s official declaration.

Based on his declarations, Maddie Bizans has been Mauer’s best friend for a long time. It was a year ago that they decided to date in order to see whether they work as a couple or not. Much to women’s disappointment, the Twins catcher told the press that he believes him and Maddie were made for each other.

He also stated that he was hoping Maddie will say ‘yes’ because he wanted to get married with his best friend. The newly engaged couple is very happy and excited to get married. Although the two did not set a wedding date, the ceremony will not take too long to happen because Mauer and Bizans are very in love with each other.

Who said being married affects your career? The 28-year-old baseball player is convinced that Maddie will be a good inspiration for his career. This year’s season was rather tough, according to the sportsman, because he suffered various physical challenges and injuries. He wouldn’t have made it throughout the year without the help of his best friend, Maddie.

As a proof that Maddie’s presence is benefic for the player, Mauer told the press that they were close friends in 2009, the year when the catcher scored the best results. In fact, he won the American League MVP that year. Back then, his average was of .365, he hit 28 home runs, and had 96 RBIs. Unfortunately, the repeated injuries that the Twins’ player suffered during the following years prevented him from improving his score.

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  1. They won’t wait too long because they’re so much in love? More like they won’t wait long because she’s knocked up and her dad has a shotgun. They were not best friends for years. He had other best friends and she chased him for years. He finally caved because all his friends now are married and he is too closed off to date anyone he didn’t go to hs with.

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