Jewelry store in Tokyo creates gold Christmas Tree

It seems Santa will run into some trouble this year as he will need to find some suitable gifts to go under the most expensive Christmas tree in the world. A jewelry store in Tokyo decided to take the holiday season to a whole new level and created the ultimate Golden Christmas tree.

The impressive project was a joined effort of a high fashion jewelry store located in the posh Ginza district in Tokyo and the flower arrangement artist Shogo Kariyazaki The tree is 2.4 meter tall, meaning nearly 8 foot and weights twelve kilos of pure gold. Its branches are decorated with gold ribbons, hearts and orchids.

The actual value of the gold used to create the tree and its decorations sums up to $700,000 but the final value is much higher because it takes under consideration the supplementary labor costs. Naoto Mizuki, the marketing general manager of the store evaluates the Golden Christmas Tree at approximately 150 million yen, meaning $2 million. This amount was reached by adding the time that it took the designers to finish the tree, the hard work required and the flower arrangement designer fee.

Even though the tree catches the eye of everyone who passes by the store windows, the creation is not up for sale. Yet, people cannot prevent stopping to admire the gleaming golden tree and decorations. “When you’re looking at the tree, it really jumps out at you,” a window-shopping housewife, Kisoko Sakabe, said when caught admiring the tree for minutes in a row.

The most expensive Christmas Tree of 2011 will be on display throughout December till the Christmas Day. There are no comments available concerning the future of the Golden tree past December 25th.

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