“Jesus Discovery” raises a lot of discontent

The Inquirer announced on Wednesday that a new book called “The Jesus Discovery”, which was written by authors James D. Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici, raised a lot of discontent among religious people. According to the two authors, a recently discovered tomb in Jerusalem stands as a proof to the beginning of Christianity.

Tabor and his colleague, Jacobovici, have performed a series of investigations in Jerusalem, in 2010 and they have discovered two tombs that might be related to Jesus of Nazareth and his family. The space was explored with the help of a robotic camera and thus, the researchers managed to find two bone boxes or ossuaries, as they are scientifically called. The inscriptions on the boxes are related, in Tabor’s opinion, to the early Christian ideas of resurrection.

The inscriptions on the ossuaries have been closely analyzed and, thus, scientists have been able to translate the writings with “Divine Jehovah, raise up, raise up”. Tabor has interpreted this inscription in his book; he claims that “Divine Jehovah” is the name that people back then used to describe Jesus. The phrasal verb “raise up” is the first evidence of faith in resurrection from the death, a belief coming from the New Testament.

The argument that the authors have brought in support of their supposition was that the two tombs were located on the rural estate of man called Joseph of Arimathea. According to the gospels in the New Testament, the wealthy member of the Sanhedrin took official charge of Jesus’ burial.

Religious communities have been offended by the claims in the book, especially since they imply that Jesus’ earthly remains didn’t disappear as the gospels in the New Testament said. They have stated that the arguments provided in the book are entirely based on imagination and supposition; therefore, the book should not be taken seriously. The idea was also rejected by Vanderbilt professor Robin Jensen who was asked to examine the artifacts for a National Geographic documentary. 

Despite this, the book is very popular among readers. It has become a best seller on e-commerce websites as soon as it was released.

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  1. These ossuaries are on display at the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit in Discovery Times Square! They’re really incredible. If you have the chance, it’s definitely worth it to go see for yourself. My roommate and I got in a big discussion about how huge this is for Christianity and Judaism. It’s pretty interesting that these simple (and hard to interpret) inscriptions lead to such grand conclusions about the use of the ossuary.

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