Jennifer Aniston wants to be a Serious Actress

Famous Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston wants to achieve more in her acting career. It seems that all that the star wants now is recognition for her talent and for her amazing roles. Sources claim that the former Friends star is actually desperate to get a nomination at the Oscars for her role in Cake. The Oscars are set to take place in Los Angeles, in February. 

Apparently, these rumors surfaced now, after Jennifer Aniston was nominated for Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe awards. This is why the Hollywood star wants so much an Oscar nomination. And it seems that only the nomination would make her happy. Sources claimed that a “nomination would be rewarding for her on so many levels.”

”She’s truly on the campaign trail now, which is why she’s been buttoning up, choosing demure outfits and even wearing glasses.” The truth is that Jennifer has an amazing role in this movie. She plays the part of Claire Simmons, a woman who suffers a car accident which leaves scars all over her body. Although the role has not been simple, Jennifer did an amazing job. 

”Jen was initially nervous about looking so raw on camera. But after really digging into the character, she had a lot of fun,” the same source claimed. 

And Jennifer was without a doubt delighted with the achievement. “Daniel Barnz the director has said that, and it’s what I’m so grateful and thankful for about him, that he did sort of take the chance,” Jennifer Aniston said. “I begged and pleaded and promised I would go to the moon and back with him. It was an unexpected way to go and he believed in me.”

“I’m just humbled,” the talented actress went on to explain. “It’s just all happening so fast and so beautifully. The Globes are a big fun party and it’s so fun to celebrate with your peers. My friend Emily [Blunt] is nominated so I’m excited for her. We’re just going to have a fun night.”

Jennifer Aniston is surely enjoying success when it comes to her career, but the star is also happy in her personal life. The 45 year old star is currently engaged to Justin Theroux and the couple is as happy as possible.

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