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Jennifer Aniston Not Happy with her Looks

One of the most beautiful actresses in the world, Jennifer Aniston seems to be really unhappy with the way she looks. Still, the star would never inject Botox into her face. Actually, all that Jennifer wants to eat bagels. 

Jennifer Aniston recently talked to Yahoo Beauty, saying that she had some beauty and style habits, as well as an ideal weight. The famous star claimed that she loves to eat healthy and she just wants to exercise regularly because this makes her feel comfortable. Actually, Jennifer would like to lose some weight, but it is not that simple. 

“These days, if I was being super picky, I would love to drop 5 pounds. But it is harder at this age,” the former Friends star said. However, on weekends, Jennifer wants to give herself a treat. “I just had a bagel,” Jennifer Aniston said. “But really, my body doesn’t love carb,” the actress explained. And life is not simple in Hollywood, Jennifer said. 

“I think what I have been witness to, is seeing women trying to stay ageless with what they are doing to themselves,” Jennifer Aniston went on to add. “I am grateful to learn from their mistakes, because I am not injecting shit into my face,” the actress explained. And it seems that Jennifer is absolutely certain that she will maintain her looks only in a natural and positive way. 

Jennifer Aniston is currently engaged to Justin Theroux. The famous actress said that her fiancé will definitely not be happy at all if she would do anything to her face. It seems that Justin likes Jennifer just the way she is. The truth is that Jennifer Aniston looks spectacular at her 45 years old. Still, the star wants to lose some weight, as she feels happier when she is in the 110-113 weight range. 

It may seem quite hard to believe that the actress is not pleased with the way she looks, as she actually is one of the most envied stars in the world for her amazing body. Her healthy died and perfect exercise routine are the ones to thank for her amazing looks.  

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