Jawbone Up2 Release

The Jawbone Up24 was considered to be the most popular activity tracker available on the market. Now, the company has replaced it with the new Up2. Compared with the more expensive Up3, which also tracks heart rate, this Jawbone has the same features as the older model, but is cheaper and affordable for every client. It can be found at the price of 100 dollars, which means that is 30 dollars cheaper than Fitbit Charge and less expensive than the previous model, Up24. Jawbone Up2 is probably the most recommended fitness bands on the market, due to both its features and price.

So, what can the Jawbone Up2 do? This fitness band is capable to measure the distance traveled by users, measure the steps taken every day and the calories burned. However, there is sleep tracking onboard and with a double tap on the top of the band, the activity light will be displayed. During its activity, a long press on the band will enable sleep mode. Probably, the band will not have an accurate response on the double to be activated, meaning that owners need to tap the band several times to get it to work. The band can recover sleep data if the user forgets to track. However, it is a pity that Jawbone didn’t introduce a band with worry-free automatic sleep tracking, like other fitness bands from Fitbtit, Garmin and Misfit. 

Even if the Jawbone Up2 doesn’t come with a display, there is a vibrating silent alarm, which is a good feature that can be found on an activity tracker. The silent alarm can be activated from the smartphone and is considered to be more peaceful to wake up with a gently vibrate on the wrist, instead of blaring sounds from the phone. The design from the Up2 is more discreet compared with other Jawbone’s trackers. This activity tracker can be considered a fashion accessory, rather than a fitness band. It is very comfortable to wear and very lightweight, so users can barely feel it on their wrist. This is the best way an activity tracker should fell.

The battery life of Up2 is rated to last approximately 7 days on a full charge. A week of battery life sounds good and it is similar to what the Fitbit Charge has to offer.

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