Jani Lane dead from alcohol poisoning

Two months ago the 47-year-old frontman for Warrant, Jani Lane died in Woodland Hills. His body was found in his room at the Comfort Inn.

The Los Angeles coroner office confirmed that the 80’s rocker died of alcohol poisoning.

Former band members are supportive of Lane’s family and deeply shaken by his death. “Jani was a very important part of our lives for a long time. We will always be incredibly proud of the music we created together”. They described Lane as a very talented artist.

John Kennedy Oswald, Lane’s real name, had four children. Taylar was born during the artist’s first marriage to model Bobbie Brown. Brown was distributed in one of most renowned Warrant videos, for the song “Cherry Pie”. Brittany, Madison and Ryan were born during the other marriages the artist had. Lane’s Twitts revealed the name of his third wife, Kimberly.

Lane was the song writer for some of his band’s most famous songs, such as: “Heaven” and “Down Boys”. His presence in the band however was a sum of rollercoaster on and offs. He joined and left the band several times till his final break with his colleagues in 2008.

He first left Warrant in March 1993, only to be back in September 1994. For five years the band recorded their most famous albums: “Ultraphobic”, “Belly to Belly” and “Greatest&Latest”. In 2001 they issued a collection album, consisting of cover songs, entitled “Under the Influence”. Lane left the band again in 2004 and took a four years break. He was briefly reunited with his mates in 2008.

In 2003 he recorded a solo album, “Back Down to One” but was unable to promote and tour with it properly, as he was institutionalized for alcohol and drug abuse.

After his musical career ended, the artist was arrested twice for driving while being drunk and even served time for one of these charges, 120 days in jail starting July 2010. In 2005, Lane made an appearance in Celebrity Fit Club, a TV show created for VH1.

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  1. jani is my ex husband, and he has only fathered two children, my daughter taylar, and madison, with his second wife, the other children mentioned were his third wife kim’s children from other releationships

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