James Holmes’ First Court Appearance

The Associated Press published a new report describing James Holmes’ first appearance in court. The main suspect in the Aurora mall shooting had an absent look upon his face throughout the whole process that was held on Monday.

After killing 12 people and injuring 58, James Holmes was finally brought in front of the judges. Families of the victims, as well as some of the persons who have been injured during the Colorado shooting were present at the process. They were all surprised by James Holmes’ sight: a 24-year-old man with dyed orange hair and absent expression. The suspect did not look at his victims and preferred to stare straight ahead. Some people speculated he was receiving medication because his reflexes were very slow.

The first court appearance lasted for only 10 minutes. The legal battle will be a lot longer, however, as prosecutors have a long list of charges, whereas defense lawyers have to prove whether their client is mentally insane or not. Meanwhile, James Holmes is kept in a next-door jail because police officers don’t want to put him in the same cell with other people. The suspect could commit suicide, so authorities want to keep a close eye on him.

The press was unable to find out whether the family of the suspect was present in court during the trial. Nevertheless, lawyer Lisa Damiani released a statement to clarify the declaration that James Holmes’ mother had made after the Friday shooting. The woman stated during a telephone conversation “You have the right person”. Some media channels manipulated Arlene Holmes’ declaration to make it sound like she was admitting her son was a killer, but in fact, she was only confirming his identity.

The majority of the victims who were present in court were confused by James Holmes’ sight. They couldn’t understand how and why did the 24-year-old suspect throw everything away, considering that he was a talented and intelligent student. Others, however, were surprised that nobody realized the man was insane even though he looked sick. David Sanchez, whose son-in-law was injured during the shooting, thought James was “pretty crazy looking”.

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