James Harden Gets Elbowed By World Peace

Based on a recent report published by USA Today, James Harden was elbowed by World Peace during the Los Angeles – Oklahoma competition that was held on Sunday. After the incident, the two players were sent to the locker room in the second quarter of the competition.

The Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder met on Sunday on what appeared to be a friendly basketball competition. Things took a different turn when Metta World Peace accidentally hit James Harden with his elbow causing the latter to withdraw from the game. Even though it was a mistake, the incident drew the attention of the National Basketball Association who will review the tape to determine whether World Peace should receive a suspension or not.

After dunking over Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka, World Peace was heading back to the center of the court when he ran into Harden. The Oklahoma City Thunder guard received an elbow in the back of his skull and was unable to get back on his feet for several minutes. When his condition improved, he was sent to the locker room.

Metta could no longer continue the game, either. He was ejected on a flagrant foul-2 after the referees took a closer look at the incident on the tape. If NBA decides that the foul was intentional, they will most likely suspend World Peace from the following games. Their decision will also be influenced by the period of time that Harden will need to recover and get back in court.

After the game, Metta spoke with the press and explained that he was concentrating all his defense skills on Durant, but Harden got injured. He confessed that he got too emotional and excited in the moments before the accident and he didn’t make it in time to dodge Harden. In the end, he apologized to Oklahoma players and hoped that the injured guard was alright.

If it hadn’t been for the incident, World Peace would have had a good performance on the Sunday game. He managed to score 12 points in the first quarter, thus contributing to Lakers’ 114-106 victory.

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