Jaime Foxx to star as Mike Tyson in New Movie

Without a doubt, Mike Tyson has numerous fans. And naturally, many people are going to be interested in the movie inspired by his life. Well, now the question who will play the role of Mike Tyson might have found its answer. 

Mike Tyson was the one who revealed that Jaime Foxx will star in this movie, in his role. Filming for this movie is set to start in about a year to 18 months. The former famous boxer gave some details about the production of the movie, too. He claimed that the face of Jaime Foxx will actually be manipulated with the use of CGI animation technology. This is a technique used for the scenes in which Tyson was younger. 

Variety magazine confirmed the news, saying that the new movie will be produced by Rick Yorn, a manager for Foxx. The script will be written by Terence Winter, who actually is well known for his work at The Wolf of Wall Street, The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. Having this under consideration, there is no wonder that the project is expected to be absolutely great. 

Of course, the performance of Jaime Foxx might be the one to make this movie a great success. So, the actor who own an Oscar award for his role as Ray Charles, will be the one who will play Tyson’s part. This is not the first time when Foxx interprets the role of a sportsman. The famous boxer has also played the parts of Dwight Bundini Brown and Willie Beaman.

This is just the latest attempt of Mike Tyson to tell the story of his life. Tyson became a star in boxing in the late 1980s. He became widely known for his quick and violent knockouts. The star was in the 1990s convicted for rape and he spent no less than three years in prison. He managed to make a comeback after his release from prison. In 2002, Tyson had to file for bankruptcy. These are just few of the most important facts linked to Tyler’s life and which are definitely interesting to discover in this new movie about his life. 

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