J. K. Rowling announces Eight Harry Potter Book

Without a doubt, this announcement shocked everyone. J. K. Rowling revealed that she will be releasing an eight Harry Potter story, even though the franchise ended quite some time ago. However, although the news was not expected, the fact that the author was writing a sequel to the story was without a doubt well received by fans from all around the world, who cannot wait for the story to be released. 

However, some fans may have first been disappointed, as initially it has been claimed that the story would not be published in a book and J. K. Rowling was only writing it as a play. However, the author finally announced that the script of the play will be in fact released as a two-part book. Rowling even announced the date of the release, so fans should be very happy to know that they might be able to purchase this story starting with July 31, 2016. 

The play will debut a bit earlier, as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is set to be featured in London, at the Palace Theater on July 30, which of course fans know that it is Harry’s birthday. The happy news was announced on Rowling’s site, Pottermore. 

“Pottermore is proud to be a key part of the multi-platform effort that will allow the epic eighth Harry Potter story to be read and enjoyed by a wider, global audience,” the announcement said. An interesting fact about this new project is that the play was not directly written by Rowling, but actually it was adapted by Jack Throne, based on the story that Rowling wrote. 

When it comes to what fans should expect to find in the new story, it has been said that it all happens 19 years after the end of the last book. Now, Harry is an employee of the Ministry of Magic and he has three children. One of Harry’s sons, Albus “struggles with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted” and it seems that this is from where the story stars. “As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: Sometimes darkness comes from unexpected places.”

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