Is Treating Diabetes With Weight Loss Surgery Effective?

Living with diabetes is far from an easy task. Staying in line with the treatment involves more than just regularly taking the medicine. It involves following a very strict diet and adapting the overall lifestyle to it. A new treatment gives hope to patients that they won’t have to struggle with diabetes for the rest of their life. Trials pointed out that treating diabetes with weight loss surgery might be effective.

Although it is a manageable health condition, diabetes is still a pain for those struggling with it. The constant intake of medication and insulin, the rigorous diet, constant exercise and keeping constant track of sugar in the blood make life harder for patients. But two new trials come to point out there might be an end for that turmoil and weight loss surgery seems to be the answer.

For the over 20 million U.S. patients struggling with Type 2 diabetes, the findings at hand represent the first step towards a breakthrough in their treatment. The studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine point out that weight loss surgery has been effective in improving the health of Type 2 diabetes patients.

Following the surgery, people in the trial have shown a significant improvement in the level of sugar in their blood. As a result, within a few weeks after the stomach size reduction or placement of the stomach procedures patients were able to stop the intake of medicine and insulin.

The authors of the studies say that weight loss procedures are not yet an answer to all the 20 million U.S. patients, but their results should help in finding other ways to treat diabetes. “Such procedures might well be considered earlier in the treatment of obese patients with Type 2 diabetes” and “they should not be seen as a last resort”.

Dr. Steven Nissen, co-author in one of the studies, said: “We don’t know what is going to happen five or 10 years down the road. But from a one-year perspective, their diabetes is gone. For a disease that is ravaging this country, to have their blood sugar normalized is astonishing”.

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