Is Kitchenaid Precision Press Coffee Maker worth the money?

Now, for starters, we must mention that Kitchenaid Precision Press Coffee Maker is not actually a coffee maker machine. This new device is more like a French press coffee, which has been appreciated for several years. With a French press coffee, people have the possibility to prepare one of the most tasteful and delicious coffee cups. 

However, for a method like this, people can also buy a traditional French press, which is actually less expensive. The new Kitchenaid Precision Press Coffee Maker is available at the price of 150 dollars, being a little bit pricy. But, is this the only feature it has?

Well, the Kitchenaid Precision Press Coffee Maker also comes with a so called Precision Press, which is equipped with a timer that counts down the exact brew time.

This sounds pretty good actually. However, users must supply it with properly ground coffee beans and fill it with hot water. This means that this machine doesn’t have the ability to boil the water. In the end this is a French press, it doesn’t have some special features and it cannot be compared with an actual coffee machine. This will probably be the main reason who customers might opt for a cheap 20 dollars basic steel French press.

As for design, Kitchenaid Precision Press Coffee Maker looks pretty good. It looks like many other stainless-steel French press coffee makers, including Frieling or Bodum. However, it has an attractive design, being sculpted in a traditional jug shape and it was designed to preserve coffee heat longer than any other glass-walled French press coffee maker. Customers who will buy this device are probably familiar with a French press and how this device works. 

So, owners will now know how the new Kitchenaid Precision Press Coffee Maker works, but there are key parts of this machine that can’t tackle. For example, this French Press Coffee Maker doesn’t have a bean grinder, meaning that users will have to use their own or buy one from the store. Moreover, it doesn’t have the ability to heat water, so users will have to supply it with.

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