Is iPad Air 2 the best Apple tablet?

iPad Air 2 is probably still the best Apple tablet on the market. Even if Apple has also released their biggest tablet ever launched, iPad Pro, many customers will most likely will still opt for the iPad Air 2. Why? Because it has a good price and its specs are great. 

Before releasing the iPad Pro, probably all customers thought that iPad Air 2 is pretty big, but now, it seems like a perfectly portable size. To be added that the software found on this tablet is also very good, due to iOS 9, as thanks to its powerful processor, users can enjoy split-screen apps.

So, as it was already mentioned, this tablet also has an affordable price, at least when looking at its specs. The iPad Air 2 is available at the price of 499 dollars for the 16GB model, 599 dollars for the 64GB model and 699 dollars for the 128GB version. Moreover, customers can also opt for keyboard accessory, which will make iPad Air 2 a great portable writing tool. Owners could also use this tablet for watching movies, because it has an incredible screen and it handles multitasking.

As for iPad Pro, this huge tablet is without a doubt perfect for creative professionals who are looking for a high-end tablet that comes with a Pencil add-on. Of course, these kinds of specs are coming with a consisting price. So, this makes iPad Air 2 the most affordable and perfect tablet from the Apple lineup. The A8X processor found on this tablet runs wonderfully and it is probably faster than the iPad Mini 4. The battery life is also rated at approximately 10 hours between charges. Moreover, owners can use the iOS 9 battery-saving feature, which will help them extend battery life.

However, probably next year, Apple will come with a new tablet that will be even better. A new tablet is always welcomed on the market, even if the market is filled with a large variety of models. Probably, customers are willing to see more tablets that come with a stylus or Smart Connector ports. 

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