iPhone 6 Hits Stores

The new iPhone 6 has just become available in stores. Of course, this has been a very important moment for numerous Apple fans. So, the larger iPhone 6 Plus is now available for purchase, too, but in certain stores in the United States. 

Customers waited for long for the release of iPhone 6 and the moment has come. The sale of the brand new phone started in the US, but also in other countries. However, only some fans were lucky enough to get a phone today. Many others still have to wait a lot until the phone will become available for them, as well. 

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were received with excitement by fans of the famous company. The two phones are larger screen devices, compared to what Apple has released until now. With the new release Apple wanted to address to a whole new category of customers and it seems that this is exactly what they have done. Apple can now compete with Samsung’s smartphones and it seems that people just love the new devices. 

Some Apple fans were absolutely excited with the new purchase. In fact, the first person who bought iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia, managed to drop it on the ground. The Apple fan was so nervous and excited that he dropped his brand new phone on the ground while being interviewed on live TV. This happened as the man was trying to cut the plastic covering of the phone. Luckily, for the new owner, the phone survived.   

Australia was the first country where the iPhone 6 went on sale. Apple fans from Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK, are among those who saw the new iPhone available in sale in their country. Apple announced that on September 26, the new impressive phone will become available in sale in 20 more countries. 

It still remains unclear when the new iPhone will be available for sale in China. On the Chinese market, there is still required an approval from the regulators there. Without a doubt, Apple is very interested in receiving this approval as fast as possible, as the Chinese market is extremely important for the tech giant. 

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