iPhone 6 Closer to China Launch

The new iPhone 6 is making headlines every day. This is without a doubt an amazing phone in terms of design, but not only. Apple fans waited for this new phone for long and their interest in purchasing it shows that best. Well, maybe Chinese fans of the famous company will be able to make a purchase of the new phone sooner than imagined. 

Apple is struggling to hit the Chinese market and the famous company might be closer now to seeing that happening. Apple needs to receive just one approval from Chinese regulators to be able to sell the new iPhone. The Chinese market currently is one of the most important ones for Apple, so the interest is really huge. 

So, there is one key license that is yet to be grated for Apple until the new phone can be sold in China. Speculation indicates that the approval will come in the following weeks, while at the end of the year the smartphone will be widely available for sale. Still, some analysts say that Apple should have received all the approvals needed by now, so this means that it may have encountered difficulty obtaining the licenses. 

Apple has to receive this license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Of course, a series of debates are on regarding the reason why Apple has not received the approvals it needs until now. While some say that Apple is pushed back by the Chinese, other claim that the famous company was the one who wanted to delay the moment when they will make this launch. 

Some analysts believe that Apple perfectly understands the Chinese market and considers it extremely important for their business. However, what Apple plans on doing and when the new phone will be available in China, too, is something yet to be discovered. 

Apple presented at its September event no less than two new smartphones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but also its first generation Apple Watch. All these devices have been much expected all over the world, fans hurrying to purchase them immediately after becoming available.  

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