Investigator in Michael Jackson’s death admits mistake

Elissa Fleak, the investigator in Michael Jackson’s death, admits that she made a mistake moving the objects in the room prior to being properly studied at their original place. However, she minimizes her deeds with the help of the Deputy District Attorney, admitting that there is no such thing as a perfect investigation. Associated Press revealed the details of the witness questioning.

Investigator Elissa Fleak was called to answer the questions of the lawyers in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, on Wednesday, October 5.  The defense lawyer, Ed Chernoff, tried to point out that there were several mistakes done during the investigation and that several results that incriminate his client might have been reached because of those procedure errors. He showed images of several objects that were moved in the room where Michael Jackson had passed away. One of those objects was a medicine bottle that Fleak reported to have found on the floor. The bottle was shown photographed on a nightstand.  Another error was connected to a bottle of propofol, the anesthetic that the singer was injected before his death. Fleak said that she didn’t notice the bottle until two years after Jackson’s death.

Even though she did not admit that she made a “substantial number of mistakes” during the investigation, she answered to Deputy District Attorney David Walgren that “no”, she never conducted a “perfect investigation”. “Are there always things you would have done differently in hindsight?” he asked. Fleak said “yes”.

Michael Jackson died of a propofol overdose, administered together with lidocaine and lorazepam. His personal doctor, Conrad Murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. But Chernoff, his lawyer, has another version of how things happened – that is was not Dr. Murray, but Jackson himself who injected the high dose of propofol, and this, while the doctor was out of the room, taking a phone call.

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