Interesting facts about Sonos Play:5

In the last few years, Sonos has been one of the most appreciated brands on the wireless speakers market. This company has added several speakers to its multiroom audio lineup, some of them being highly appreciated by customers. 

Well, these days, Sonos has released another wireless speaker, called Sonos Play:5. This new speaker is actually an upgrade to the original Play:5. To be added that the original Play:5 is Sonos’s flagship speaker and it wasn’t upgraded from almost 6 years. 

Well, it looks like the popular company decided to add some new features to its flagship speaker. The new Sonos Play:5 is available at the price of 500 dollars, which is approximately 100 dollars more than the original model. However, it definitely is worth the extra money. 

The new Sonos Play:5 comes in two different colors: black and white. Moreover, the new speaker can be placed either vertically or horizontally. Customers should know that the speaker looks amazingly on the vertical mode and while it works well as a single speaker, they can also spring two speakers, making a stereo pair and get some real sound in their room. Even if in the past, Sonos had some serious problems delivering a focused stereo image, now the new Play:5 sounds amazingly when paired with another speaker.

To be added that the new wireless speaker seems to be about 20 percent bigger than the original model and it comes with significantly more bass. The new Sonos Play:5 comes with 6 drivers, including 3 tweeters and 3 mid-woofers, meaning that users will not have to get a separate Sonos Sub to have more bass. 

Another interesting fact is that this new speaker has the capability to work with all of the company’s existing wireless speakers, meaning that they can be linked together in a multiroom audio setup. Users who have a poor Wi-Fi connection can opt for a Sonos Bridge that costs 50 dollars, or Sonos Boos, at the price of 100 dollars. These devices can be connected to the user’s rooter and create a very reliable wireless connection to their Sonos components. 

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