Impressive sound with the new Yamaha RX-V479

Multiroom music gives the possibility for users to listen to the same song in all rooms, at the same time. This is quite incredible. Until now, the only company that had this feature was Sonos, but now Yamaha is the next tech company to deliver this. Even if it’s kind of late, Yamaha’s new MusicCast is Sonos’ best alternative. 

This feature works like any other system that streams and plays music from a tablet or a smartphone, but Yamaha has gone even further and integrated the system in other products, like soundbars, receivers and powered speakers. 

The new Yamaha RX-V479 serves as a hub and transforms into a great component that is able to offer multiroom streaming. This new AV receiver is one of the best devices from Yamaha that comes with MusicCast, 4K video compatibility and Bluetooth wireless audio. Even if it lacks Atmos playback, a feature that can be found on more expensive units, Yamaha RX-V479 is still one of the best AV receivers on the market. Yamaha RX-V479 is available at the price of 399 dollars. At this price, the RX-V479 delivers an incredible home theater sound, enough power for most living room setups and a larger variety of features.

As for design, it is not a secret the approximately all the receivers look practically the same, regardless of their brand. That’s why, customers will recognize the brand only if they are looking to the bottom right corner for the model number or name. Now, the front panel from the Yamaha RX-V479 is a little bit complicated, but the direct input buttons are much more usable compared with other receivers. To be added that the panel also comes with the company’s blue LED display, which looks better compared with the old orange version. 

As for the remote, Yamaha is recognized as having remote controllers that come with button that are hard to use. Well, this year, the remote control comes with a smaller number of buttons, with a little bit of color and it also is simpler to operate. For users who don’t like the button arrangement or the design of the controller can always switch to a dedicated universal remote. 

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