Hyundai to Recall 419,000 more Cars

Hyundai announced the recall of 419,000 more vehicles. Hyundai said on Friday that the reason why it had to recall these vehicles is actually linked to suspension, brake and oil leak problems. 

This new recall covers three car models in the United States. Hyundai claimed that there were absolutely no injuries or accidents linked to this problem. This new recall was announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Reports reveal that in this new recall there are included Santa Fes that were originally sold in 20 states and in Washington D.C., so all around the United States. It has been claimed that this includes the states where salt is used to clear snow and ice from roadways. Some of the states affected by the new recall include Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, but also Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

The statement released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that dealers will replace the springs, free of costs. Naturally, all car owners who have vehicles that can be included in this recall will be notified by Hyundai and will have to take their cars to dealers in order to deal with this problem. Owners will be notified by the end of September. The springs will be replaced for free, in all cases.

Fortunately for Hyundai and owners of its vehicles, no crashes or injuries have been linked to this problem, at least for now. Hyundai will replace the springs in order to solve the issue. The company claims to be quite effective in making sure that the owners of its cars will be as safe as possible. 

Until this point, Hyundai has received no less than 1,200 warranty claims linked to this problem. In a separate recall, the famous car marker is actually calling in 133,075 Sonata midsize cars from 2011. The automaker traced in this vehicles an issue with the brake fluid, which can leak and cause increased stopping distances. Anything that may cause an issue in a vehicle, no matter if it is linked to safety or not needs to be addressed as fast as possible.

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