Hugh Jackman Undergoes New Skin Cancer Treatment

Famous actor Hugh Jackman is once again in the situation of having to undergo treatment for skin cancer. The popular Hollywood star has already been submitted to two treatments for this cruel condition. 

So, the famous actor is currently recovering from the third cancer scare. A rep for the star revealed that now he is doing fine and he is actually feeling quite well. The actor has been diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma. He underwent the first treatment for this severe condition this year. In fact, this new procedure was the third treatment that the actor received in less than a year. 

The first treatment received by the actor for Basal Cell Carcinoma dates back to November 2013. The star underwent a similar procedure in May and he seemed to be doing great. The actor also talked about this health issue and advised people from all over the world to undergo all the needed checkups to make sure that they are healthy enough. 

“We are all human, this happened to me, I didn’t wear sun screen when I was a kid. I don’t want kids to be as stupid as me and maybe they’ll listen to Wolverine more than they’ll listen to teachers at school. It’s all preventable. I was lucky to be in a job, where I have makeup artists looking at my face, going, ‘What is that?'” the Hollywood star previously said about his health issue. 

Following the news on this third treatment, Hugh Jackman shared another message with fans from all over the world. “SUNSCREEN!”, his post said, urging people to make sure that their skin is protected. The message was accompanied by a photo with the words “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen).” The actor previously asked fans to be careful and get themselves checked, while making sure to use sun protection all the time. 

The Wolverine star was spotted during the weekend wearing a bandage over his nose. This is where his carcinoma had been removed. The famous actor also shared a photo of himself with his dogs, looking great, despite the new treatment. The actor also seemed to be in a good mood. 

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