Sprint HTC EVO 3D a strong competitor for Apple iPhone 4

Just a few days after launching, the new HTC EVO 3D is found on Amazon next to the Apple iPhone 4 with a lower price than originally estimated. Gossiping about mobile phones has become as interesting as celebrity gossips. With one condition: they have to have a high market price and have to be branded. And this one has it all: the drama, the style and the celebrity to back it up.

The launching of the new 3D experience with HTC EVO 3D was celebrated June 23 with a high profile launching event. Guess who showed up! Among the celebrities present at the event was blonde heiress Paris Hilton. She and Allison Melnick kicked off their weekend earlier, showing up at the event, which was held at the RadioShack Pop-Up 3D Lounge.

Last week, the new mobile phone HTC EVO 3D was available at a price of 199 dollars – that is with the signing of a contract with a two-year availability for the wireless carrier. Now,  you will find it on 50 dollars cheaper. You still have to sign a contract, though. If you want it contract-free, it’s going to cost you up to 500 dollars.

HTC EVO 3D is the first mobile phone that was launched in the United States having a support for recording 3D content, with the help of its great 5 mega-pixel camera placed on the back of the phone. The device is one of the America’s “most wanted” at the moment. His high-end capabilities include a dual-core processor, a display of 4.3 inch in 3D QHD, and touchscreen. The phone also has a 1.3 megapixel camera which is incorporated on the front. It serves video calling.

Amazon suggests that “with the latest version of the acclaimed HTC Sense user experience and powered by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread),” HTC EVO 3D will make the ideal device for people who want to record and play real life moments in 3D and also share them with other in a very simple manner.

According to Amazon’s notes, the users can also download videos, create user generated content and use the “Flash-enabled web browsing experience using the speed of the 3G/4G network and the power a 1.2 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.”

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  1. I posted this in a few other forums and decided to post it here too because I kept seeing the same thing said :

    There really must be a lot of AT&T, Iphone, Verizon reviewers or something??? This phone totally rocks and I used 3 previous phones right before sticking with this one.

    I first tried AT&T.. went into the store for the Atrix. After looking what it did and how small the screen was (4.0) I decided to get the Infuse with 4.5 inch screen. For AT&T.. this would be choice # 1 for their current phone because its size is great and its so thin and nice!

    Next, I went to sprint because of the speed of AT&T data was horrible in the city I work in. I got the Nexus S 4G. That phone had pretty bad connection on my wireless router (dropped about 3 times a day on average) and never got more than 3 bars from that phone when 2 other sprint phones were picking up 4 bars. It was nice that it was a solid google phone, but again – 4.0 screen was hard as hell to text.

    I decided to preorder the EVO 3d just based on the EVo 4G reviews after this and turn in my Nexus 4G within the 30 day contract window.

    I cannot tell you how happy I am with this phone. Honestly, the 3D is so nice and amazing to say the least. I rather watch 3d like this than with glasses any day even if a glasses 3D would be better. Here is what people need to know. There is a magic wand in the settings if you touch your 3d image. You can adjust the screen for your crooked ass eyes (for those people that have a hard time seeing the 3d). I really think people have some bad eye sight or something because it looks so damn great and the detail is just mind boggling in 3d. You will look at a photo and the depth and popping out of images make it so much more life like and more of a sense that you are there in that moment. I love photos of people because of this and even my dog. With that said, other images are cool, but people are just so real!

    I don’t even take 2D pictures with this phone because the 3d really is such a nice touch to a photo. I really cannot understand why it makes some people so disoriented? If you have ever looked at one of those photos that have designs all in it and you just stare past the photo and all of the sudden the shapes just form and shows a picture in 3d? You know how its hard to see it at first, but then once you look at one, you can always find the shapes and images in the next photos? This 3d is a lot like that. I honestly have no problem with this and it never makes me sick, dizzy, or disoriented like all these people are claiming??? That is why I wonder if these guys work for AT&T or something.

    Worst case scenario… you cannot process the images and don’t like the 3D… the other specs of this phone are top of the line like 1.2 dual core processor and 1 GB of memory!

    I wouldn’t have another phone that sprint carries right now (6/29) besides this one. That Nexus 4G was supposed to be a nice phone but its not even in the same category as this phone!

    We (girlfriend and I) preordered 2 of these and got my daughter the EVO 4G because it was free at best buy. The 3Ds are faster and I wish I could have gotten a 3rd for my daughter. I promise you that the 3D is really 100X better than what all of the reviewers are saying. I cannot believe the reviews about the 3D were so bad and had to post this because its really such a nice feature on the phone.

    I don’t have a 3D TV yet, but just because of this phone, I want one now. The technology is nice and the people reviewing the 3D should spend more time with it before bad mouthing it like they did. It’s an extremely nice phone and all it takes in 1 photo at a ballgame with your daughter in 3D to see this 🙂

    Iphone 4 Ipods of current generation cannot compare to this phone and I feel comfortable that the Iphone 5 wont be better than this phone either.

    Sorry for going on and on, but I know there are a ton of people with this phone that feel the same way as I do. All the bad reviews are coming from testers. Where are the bad reviews from people that actually purchased the phone that are taking it back? Let’s hear from their honest opinion and not the ones that tested the phone.

  2. “strong competitor for Apple iPhone 4”

    Are you kidding?? The EVO 3D is leaps and bounds over the iPhone4.

  3. I played with this phone for a while at the store, it seems like a fairly good, standard Android phone. Well made, solid construction, really nice, bright screen and the 3D… Well, the 3D is actually very good if you hold the phone (and your head) in the EXACT RIGHT POSITION.

    Any device that does glasses-free 3D is like this, since the screen is showing each eye a different picture (Left and Right) so, unless your eyes are aligned in just the right spot in relation to the screen, the correct image will “miss” the target eye and you’ll only see 2D.

    When your head is in the right spot it really does look great, but if the phone moves AT ALL, I’m talking just one inch, the 3D disappears.

    It’s not very easy to keep it held perfectly like that for more than a few seconds, and it is impossible for more than one person at a time to see the 3D.

    Hey, I just had a cool idea – if they put one of those pico projectors into this phone, you could project it onto a wall and if people had the glasses they could all watch your stuff in 3D! That would be awesome, and the glasses are easy to get, just keep next time you go see a 3D movie.

    Anyway, it’s still a good 2D phone and even though the 3D is a pain to watch on that screen the fact that it has a 3D camera on the back is really cool. So you can take lots of 3D pictures (and movies) and play them back on a real 3D TV when you or maybe someone you know gets one 🙂

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