HP Launches New Android Tablet

HP has just released its new 8-inch Android tablet. However, the famous company has chosen to keep this event simple, launching its new tablet online. 

HP actually shocked with the fact that the company has chosen to release the new HP 8 Android tablet it designed, quietly. In fact, even though the famous manufacturer could have released its new tablet at the Mobile World Congress 2014, it seems that they have chosen a softer approach. 

So, the new HP tablet was released quietly online. The HP product is available at the price of $169.99, being a 7.85-inch tablet. The device is powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. When it comes to its specs, the device features 1GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage. 

It seems that the new HP device is a good tablet, but HP brought nothing spectacular at this point. It is quite similar to the tablet previously released by the company, the Slate 7 Plus. However, there are certain modifications that it brings. For instance, this is an almost 8-inch tablet, coming with 1,280 X 800 resolution. 

The new HP tablet also comes with stereo speakers, which are integrated into the device. The 3,800mAh battery can power the tablet for no less than 7 hours, HP promises. This means that when it comes to endurance, the new HP 8 tablet is not bad at all. 

The device is available in white and silver, so when it comes to design it looks great, almost like the iPad mini, even though in terms of specifications it cannot be compared with the product released by Apple. 

Analysts say that the tablet released by HP actually is quite affordable, which makes it an option for numerous customers. Some analysts seem to believe that the low price of the new tablet has actually determined the famous company to launch this product without too much advertising. However, the new device might be very interesting for a big category of clients. 

Numerous tablet makers have shown interest in the 8-inch tablet market, where the competition is not as big as the one on the 7-inch market. Maybe HP is trying to conquer a whole new category of customers, offering an almost 8-inch tablet with a good quality and a low price. 

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