Honda Expands Air Bag Recall

Honda just revealed that it will expand the number of recalls linked to defective air bags. The famous Japanese car maker revealed that this decision is actually linked to the death of a driver in Malaysia, who died in an air bag-linked accident this year. 

Honda actually is the car maker who has announced the highest number of recalls linked to defective air bags. Naturally, these are the air bags produced by Takata Corp., which come with a very dangerous defect. It has been revealed that these air bags can explode, hurting passengers. So, in the event of an accident the air bags can explode with an impressive force, sending shards of metal into the vehicle. The issue in Takata air bags has led to the recall of more than 12 million cars. 

The recall affected no less than 10 automakers. Besides Honda, this includes Toyota and General Motors. About 8 million of the recalled vehicles are in the United States. It has been revealed that the defective air bags led to the death of 4 people in the US. 

Takata CEO already apologized for the problems with its products. He released a statement on Thursday, claiming that the company is very determined to solve the issue and make sure that drivers are going to be as safe as possible. “We deeply apologize for the deep concerns and troubles caused,” Chairman Shigehisa Takada said in a statement.

However, Takata might be facing some serious issues. Now, the famous company is the subject of a US criminal investigation. A federal grand jury has subpoenaed Takata’s US unit to produce documents related to air bag defects. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has also asked the company to provide documentation, which has to be submitted until December 1. 

Since 2008, more than 17 million vehicles that have been featuring Takata airbags were recalled. All deaths linked to Takata airbags have been in Honda cars. The fifth case was registered outside the United States in July. Takata is the second biggest air bag maker in the world.

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