Homeless Man Finds $77,000 And Gets To Keep It

A homeless man found a bag of $77,000 in wet cash and South African coins at the beginning of the year, according to the Inquisitr. After a long investigation the city has finally allowed the man to keep the money.

Timothy Yost has lived most of his life as a homeless man being forced to sleep on the streets. Luck was, however, on his side in January 2012 when Yost found a bag full of money while he was washing his feet in the Colorado River. According to his declarations, Yost kicked the bag and decided to open it when he heard a jingle. Much to his surprise the bag was full of wet cash and coins from South Africa, the total sum amounting to $77,000.

As soon as he saw the money, Timothy went to a local bank and tried to get American dollars in exchange of the South African coins. The bank teller was surprised to see a homeless man with so much money, so he immediately notified the Police Department of Bastrop. The money was handed to the police who investigated the story to see whether it was related to any criminal activity or not. They even posted a notice in the newspaper on March 1 to see if they can find the owner, but their efforts were in vain.

After the 90 day period passed, Bastrop City Council had to decide whether they should give the money to Yost or place the sum in the bank. At the end of the session there were 6-0 votes in favor of Timothy, so the former homeless man will be able to keep the small fortune. Chief Michael Blake with the Bastrop Police Department told the press that the Texas law claims the finder of the funds “can be awarded those funds” if they are found in the ground and the rightful owner is not identified in the prescribed period of time.

Yost’s representative, Alena Peacock, stated that the man will received 70 bills of $100 and 40 Krugerrand gold coins within the following 48 hours. Despite this, the homeless man didn’t get the chance to hear the good news because he is currently in jail for public intoxication and criminal trespass charges.

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