Heidi Klum Becomes A Rock Star

Fashion model Heidi Klum becomes a rock star in the new issue of the “Hunger” magazine. Klum’s new look is totally different than what we have seen so far because the mother of four gets a tattoo, sings and pole-dances to the song “Turn Up The Night”.

Heidi Klum has been through a lot of changes after signing her divorce papers in January 2012 and ending her seemingly happy marriage with singer Seal. Although she was very close to her ex-husband, the model managed to regain her strength and reinvent herself on all levels. This is probably why she agreed to create a totally different pictorial for the Hunger magazine.

Klum is portrayed as a tough rock star who gets a tattoo, smokes cigarettes and plays her electric guitar. The pictorial was also accompanied by a short video produced for Hunger TV in which Heidi is singing and pole-dancing to the song “Turn Up The Night”.

Even the look of the model was completely changed for this video in order to appear more like a rock star. She wears dark eye shadow and black nail polish, whereas her sexy outifits are accessorized with tough-looking rings, bracelets and necklaces. The video and the images presented by Hunger magazine are somewhat shocking because it is for the first time when we see the Victoria Secret model smoking cigarettes and, most importantly, enjoying it.

Despite her ‘bad girl’ look, the model opted for a faux tattoo instead of a real one. She even confessed reporters that she regrets having imprinted the words ‘Seal’ and ‘love’ on her skin.

Hunger is one of the rare magazines that promote cultural distinction by encouraging creativity and self-expression. The publication is known for the interesting photo shoots they create, as well as for the female and male covers they release with each edition. Heidi Klum is not the only star who has undergone a complete makeover for the magazine; Kelis, Cheryl Cole, Portia Freeman and Milla Jovovich will also feature in the latest edition of the magazine.

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