Harry Belafonte publically insults Herman Cain

Under the eyes of an approving host, Harry Belafonte publically insulted Herman Cain. During the Joy Behar show, the singer called Cain a bad apple and a false Negro and described him to be a person who failed to show intelligence and a good grasp of history.

A few years ago, during an interview with the Cuba propaganda ministry, Belafonte showed his support for Fidel Castro. He claimed his main reasons for doing so were his belief in justice, democracy, people’s rights and harmony for all mankind, which made it impossible for him not to support Castro for as long as it might take.

Belafonte’s point of view, however, seems to be highly contradicted by the actual facts. Herman Cain dedicated his life to creating wealth and promoting freedom. Fidel Castro is known for his regime of terror. During his first three years of being in control of Cuba his actions led to the murder of as many people as it took Hitler six years to have killed. Furthermore, he imprisoned and tortured more political prisoners than Stalin did. Cuba owns a very sinister record as being the country with the blackest political prisoners in the world. His policy heavily affected the country’s economic state and drove, often at the point of gun, more than 20% of its inhabitants into exile.

Belafonte’s statement is contradicted even by the words of the very person he upholds. After entering Havana, Castro was asked by a report about his intentions concerning the black population of Cuba. Fidel answered: “We’re going to do for Cuba’s blacks exactly what they did for the Cuban revolution. By which I mean nothing!”

Currently, the vast majority of Cuban prisons population is composed of black people, over 90%, whilst under 10% of the political functions are performed by black people. Most dissidents are black, including a large number of females.

Yet, the singer and actor continues to believe that “the Negro is indolent and spends his money on frivolities and drink, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent”.

During the years, Belafonte visited Cuba numerous times, giving speeches and posing for photos in locations placed only in walking distance from political prisons where atrocious torture was performed.

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  1. John Colston’s grasp of history is so laughable it’s scary. His claim that Fidel Castro killed and tortured more people than Hitler or Stain is laughable, especially his claim that Castro “imprisoned and tortured more political prisoners than Stalin.” The total number of Stalin’s victims numbers is greater than the entire population of Cuba in 1960 (about 7 million people).

  2. I lost much respect for Harry Belafonte if he thinks Fidel Castro is a humanist.

    Fidel Castro is a Communist, and the worst kind. If you don’t agree with him or think independently, you are jailed.

    I suggest Mr. Belefonte read “Twenty Years and Forty Days: Life in a Cuban Prison” It’s a true story of a jailed journalist who survived a Cuban prison.

    As far as Herman Cain, I don’t think he’s stupid and I don’t think he does the blacks injustice. Just as Latinos and Catholics all have different views, so do blacks. Mr. Belefonte’s pre-conceived notions of “what a black man should be” shows me he’s nothing more then a bigot.

  3. It’s great to see that Americans no matter who they are or what demographic they belong to, are actually thinking for themself. Herman Cain is proof that no matter who your are, or what background you come from. You can go out and work your butt off for the sake of your own success. We are all responsible for our own successn no one else carries that burden but you. Unfortunatly for many Americans it’s just easier to claim that you never had a chance and blame someone else for your misfortune and resort to envy and class warfare. 49 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes (and even get more money back than they pay in). Let me ask you this. Do these same Americans not benefit from our country and it’s infrastructure? I believe that they do and there for should pay even the smallest amount of taxes. Anyways I am just excited by the amount of people that realize this and don’t let the liberal static get in the way of whats real and fair. I also like to thank all the Americans who have worked hard for what they have and contribute to this Amazing Country we live in. God bless. P.S. Harry why don’t you go live in Cuba or China or something.

  4. Hmmm … Interesting take on history — just one problem w/ the title of “Good Job Americans” — Herman Cain is ABSOLUTELY NOT one of them ! If the above contributor had the benefit of researching people/facts/issues from the inside of Washington politics (as I do), you would learn that Mr. Cain would DECIDEDLY qualify for the “Mr. Pinocchio” award. Head of Godfather’s yes, but tied to the grooming puppet strings of the inner rwc elite (read that as the Koch Bros, Bush family + FRK et al.) for nearly 35 years !, and to the monetary tune of something like $150M dollars to help him arrive before the voters of 2012 all slick & proper. Well, I will agree that Mr. Cain is slick … just the same as every other snake charmer, except for the fact that his flutes are made expressly by the gnomes @ Chase, Deutsche Bundesbank, and the Rothschild banking monarchies in Switzerland and Britain ! If you are in search of a liaison w/ the people who run this world from behind closed doors, then Herman Cain is your ticket to see their kind of greed, & uncaring destruction in living color each & every night on the news !

  5. Harry Belafonte has made it clear whom he supports and whom he utterly detests. Plain and simple, he detests the Nubian race…He has proven that by voicing his sentiments and by his actions over the years. He is nothing but a devil that subscribes to the evils of those who share his ideology.
    Belafonte will never agree with Herman Cain and will never support him because Herman Cain is twice the man that Belafonte will ever be. Harry Bealfonte is a disgrace to the Nubian Race! Herman Cain is more worthy of his people than Belafonte will ever be.

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