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Hairstyling Star Vidal Sassoon Dies At Age 84

In the fashion world, the news about hairstyling star Vidal Sassoon’s death was a hard moment. He has literally revolutionized hair styling and made the history books. Hairstyling star Vidal Sassoon died at age 84 after a history of heart trouble and a longtime and terrifying struggle with leukemia.

According to police spokesman Kevin Maiberger, the 84 year old hairstyling star was found dead at his home in Los Angeles. Family was with him when he passed away and police officials say the death occurred of natural causes, so there’s no reason for a further investigation.

Although the police report said he died of natural causes, publicist Mark Sejvar said that the exact cause of death was a bit unclear. However, given Vidal Sassoon’s history of health problems, it’s likely it was whether the leukemia that finally got him or his heart problems reappeared.

On Monday night, Vidal Sassoon was set to attend a fundraiser, but he called that day to cancel saying that “his body was feeling just a little bit too tired and he would be there in spirit”.

John Paul DeJoria is CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems and a friend of the hairstylist. He said about Vidal Sassoon that he “was the most famous hairstylist in the history of the world. Good hairstylists never die. Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell will always live on”.

Paul Mitchell’s son and former student of the hairstyling star, Angus Mitchell was interviewed by AP regarding Vidal Sassoon’s death. He said that “Vidal was like Christopher Columbus. He discovered that the world was round with his cutting system. It was the first language that people could follow”.

Oscar Blandi, owner of the Madison Avenue salon and stylist for the stars, said Vidal Sassoon “truly changed the world of hair and beauty”. He said that Vidal Sassoon “was definitely the most innovative person ever to enter the industry. He led the way for the celebrity stylists of today”.

Back in 1993, Vidal Sassoon was talking with Los Angeles Times about the haircut he did for Mary Quant in mid ‘60s. “My idea was to cut shape into hair, to use it like fabric and take away everything that was superfluous” explained the hairstylist. It was back in the days when “women were going back to work…they didn’t have time to sit under the dryer anymore”.

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