Gwen Stefani Passed Out At Her Son’s School

It’s not a secret anymore: Gwen Stefani loves multitasking. You might even call her a natural phenomenon given her skills to handle all the different aspects in her family and professional life. With her fashion project, a new No Doubt album, being a wife and a mom, Gwen Stefani doesn’t have much time left for a break. X17Online writes that Gwen Stefani passed out at her son’s school during a function.

Apparently, Gwen Stefani just learned the hard way how much exhaustion and stress her body can handle. According to x17Online, the 42-year-old singer, Gwen Stefani, passed out during a function at her son’s school. There were reports of an ambulance arriving to the scene.

Yesterday, May 6th, Gwen Stefani’s son, Kingston, was to attend an outdoor carnival at the school. His mom couldn’t have missed such an important event, and she took her younger kid too with her. It was sure a horrific moment for the two of them to see their mom fainting.

x17Online writes that a security guard at the event said that an ambulance was called to the scene and the EMT seemed to have advised Gwen Stefani to go home and rest.  But, the security guard’s statement was later on unconfirmed by other sources from the same school saying that in fact the ambulance was called for another person at the school function.

Celebuzz writes that according to the same security guard, Gwen Stefani’s assistant took her and the kids home. So far, there’s no official comment regarding the rumored event from Stefani’s rep.

But given how hectic Gwen Stefani’s life is at this point, it’s likely that she might have succumbed to the exhaustion. Just days ago, Gwen and her son Kingston were seen at the movie theatre in Sherman Oaks and then attending a Coldplay concert. At the same time she still manages somehow to mix that in with her upcoming projects.

As of next week, Gwen Stefani’s latest update in her fashion project will be released. At Target, she will launch her newest Harajuku Mini collection. Plus, she has also been working hard alongside the boys with No Doubt to launch their first album in years.

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