Guardzilla budget security camera

Guardzilla was first shown at CES, earlier this year, and even if it doesn’t dazzle in terms of specs, it remains an interesting security cam. Guardzilla captures video at 640×480, VGA resolution and has an 89-degree horizontal field of view.

As mentioned, it doesn’t have an impressive configuration, but at the cost of 100 dollars, it could be a good competitor on the security camera market. This camera costs approximately 100 dollars, being much less expensive than other devices on the market, for example Dropcam Pro, which costs 200 dollars.

These days every company is trying to release some high-end security cameras, with focus on crisp, bandwidth-breaking 1080p video quality, but it seems that Guardzilla is something different. This security camera with a quirky triangle-shaped design will certainly have some attraction to the budget-minded security seekers. 

Unfortunately, Guardzilla is not a big name on the market, meaning that this thing will affect its security potential. However, this security cam is the perfect device for someone who is looking for a webcam to spy its pet while he is at work. A main attraction for this camera is its interesting design, having under consideration the fact that on the market there are plenty of look-a-like security cameras. Guardzilla comes with a unique design, which is a good thing and is available in two different colors: black and white. 

However, if we are looking on the other side, Guardzilla’s triangular shape is not very discreet, meaning that it could be spotted immediately. It also doesn’t feel or look like a premium device, but at the price of 100 dollars, that is not a surprise.

Its installation is relatively easy, users need to follow a few steps, like plug it in to an outlet and download the iOS or Android app and follow the instructions. Once the installation is complete, they will be connected directly to the Guardzilla Wi-Fi network. It has an easy app navigation, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t deliver motion alerts and all the security features like sounding siren, taking photos and sending notifications requires a reliable motion sensor.

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