Grunting On The Tennis Court To Be Banned

Tennis has always been perceived as a society, civilized sport, but down to the court athletes sweat and grunt. Officials are working to get grunting on the tennis court banned.

If you’ve been to a tennis game at least once, then you know it’s not exactly the quietest place around. And it’s not that the fans are cheering their hearts out. If you’ve heard Maria Sharapova playing, then you must know how loud tennis grunting can actually be. Officials are now looking into banning grunting on the tennis court. Or at least instate some decibel limits.

Maria Sharapova is known for a lot of things, and ear-bashing grunting is at the top of that list. She might be one of the best tennis players in the world but she is also one of the loudest. People that often go to see her play tennis, are taking precautionary measures such as ear plugs, and it’s not a joke. Her screams are comparable in decibel power to a speeding train or a pneumatic drill. None comfortable for the human ear.

According to Reuters, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has put together a plan that is basically banning tennis grunting. Many have complained about how loud grunting can get on the tennis court and that includes everybody from fans to coaches and even players. But some of the best tennis players are also the loudest grunters…

Maria Sharapova is among the players backing the idea of banning tennis grunting. “The WTA created a plan. That’s the smart way to go about it, rather than like taking someone’s forehand and grip in the middle of their career and telling them to change it” said the tennis player.

So whereas today’s tennis players might have a hard time fighting a natural instinct, perhaps tomorrow’s athletes will keep shush on the court. “I started grunting since whenever I can remember” Maria Sharapova says. “I see videos of myself and I’ve grunted for that long. Nobody told me to do it in Russia or in Florida. It’s just a natural habit” she adds.

So, the WTA plan is to essentially have coaches teach their players a certain breathing technique that will put an end to the loud grunting. But that means most of the fun in tennis will be gone. So will the players’ weapon to distress the competition into making mistakes.

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