GoPro Hero4 Session is ready for action

Approximately three years ago, GoPro started to work on a new project named Hero4 Session. After its release, the main question is if this new camera is much better than the previous one? Well, no doubt that the new Hero4 Session is the lightest, smallest and most rugged camera on the market.

The new GoPro Hero4 Session is also the most attractive camera from the company’s 5 models portfolio and has the mission to dominate the market of POV cameras. There is no doubt in the fact that the POV camera market, also known as action cams, is getting very crowded and many brands are trying to come with something attractive for customers. 

POV cameras are increasingly used to capture videos from the likes of skydivers, surfers, cyclists and snowboarders. However, these cameras are also used on drones. The new GoPro Hero4 Session comes with a new cube-shaped form that breaks the company’s standard design of more rectangular GoPro models.

This new camera is also 40 percent lighter than previous models, including Hero4 Silver and Black. It also has 2.6 ounces compared to 5.2 ounces. Hero4 Session includes mounting frames and quick-release buckles that allow users to rotate the camera, something that is not easy to do on other GoPro cameras.

Another interesting feature that is not met on previous models, is that its waterproof feature can go down to 10 meters without the need for an enclosure. To be mentioned that Hero4 Silver and Black were looking very bulky in the wraparound housing that was needed to keep them dry. The new Hero4 Session comes at the price of 400 dollars, meaning that is the same price that customers found on the Hero4 Silver. 

However, compared with the new Hero4 Session, the Hero4 Silver comes with a better video quality, a removable/replaceable battery, more shooting options, a built-in touchscreen and Micro-HDMI output. The more compact and rugged design is probably the main reason why customers opt for the new Hero4 Session. However, its small design forced the company to make some compromises.

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