Google to Purchase Songza for $15 Million

Google might be interested in quite an interesting acquisition. The famous company has offered no less than $15 million for the purchase of playlist site Songza. Apparently, the tech giant is very interested in this site. 

The news was first reported by the New York Post, which revealed that the tech giant is actually looking into purchasing Songza, as it might turn out being helpful for the Google Play Music All Access subscription service. Some rumors reveal that the purpose in accessing Songza is actually linked to a future YouTube product that Google might have in plans. 

No matter which purpose has determined Google to show interest in this company, the truth is that the tech giant has given certain signs to be willing to pay quite a lot of money on this service. Still, if the reports are true or not is something yet to be discovered. Until this point, the chief executive of Songza, Elian Roman made absolutely no comments related to this potential deal. Naturally, there were no official comments from Google, either. 

What is very interesting about this potential purchase is that has previously invested in Songza. Naturally, Amazon is an important competitor for Google in some areas of the services they offer. Songza is a really popular service at the moment, having no less than 5.5 million active users. The site managed to get no less than $4.7 million last year from investors, so Songza was able to raise interest from many parties. 

If Google will purchase Songza, this could mean an interesting update to the Google Play Music All-Access’ user count. Moreover, if Google will finally purchase Songza, the tech giant will definitely experience a boost when it comes to its services on this segment of the market. So, if Google will integrate Songza to the Play Music All-Access, it will be able to compete with other streaming services. 

Well, if a deal will finally be closed or not is something about to see. For now, the fact that Google is interested in purchasing Songza and is willing to pay no less than $15 million for this site, is just speculation. Still, this might be the perfect moment for Songza to sell for a great deal.

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