Google to Host First Conference for Project Ara

One of the most interesting projects at the moment, Project Ara might have its conference soon. Google just announced to host the first conference for this project in April. 

The interesting project was first announced by the company back in 2013. Back then, the project was revealed by Phonebloks, but soon it was announced that Motorola was willing to help, the company working to turn this project into a real product. 

Google also announced that this conference will be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The official announcement was made on Wednesday and the company decided to post the good news on Google’s ATAP page on Google+. 

The Google+ post also came with the first photo of the prototype, making the project even more exciting. The event is scheduled for April 15-16. Google revealed that the conference will be attended just be a limited number of developers. 

The project will still allow everyone to share ideas and thoughts on the process of the development of modular smartphones. If this project will turn out being successful, it may actually change the way we use our smartphones nowadays. It will offer clients the possibility to customize their phones, upgrading camera, battery or speaker. 

“The Developers’ Conference will consist of a detailed walk-through of existing and planned features of the Ara platform, a briefing and community feedback sessions on the alpha MDK, and an announcement of a series of prize challenges for module developer,” Google revealed. 

This will be just the first event, as Google announced that through 2014 the company will actually conduct no less than 3 Ara Developers’ Conference meetings. 

Initially, this project was a Motorola product, but following the sale of the company, it remained with Google. Google announced in January that they will sell Motorola to Lenovo. However, there is just one part of the company that Google did not sell and this is the Advanced Technology and Projects division. 

This division of Motorola may still be working at this impressive Google project. If the project will turn out being successful, the new product will most likely be on the market in 2015. It already has numerous fans, so if it will be completed and released, it is expected to be a great success.

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