Google to create Google Kids

Google has more than 30,000 search queries a second, this mean 1 billion a year. People are searching things that they want to know on Google and not surprisingly, a big part of these persons are kids. That is why the giant tech company decided to create next year a specific version of its popular products for kids that are 12 years and younger. According to the press, Google executive in charge of the new initiative, Pavni Diwanji decided to make his services more child-friendly. In these services, the speculations are YouTube, search, email and probably Chrome.

It is not clear yet what Google will do to make the products more child-friendly. There are two area of focus, the interface and the results themselves. If we take YouTube for example, the giant tech company might follow Netflix’s example, which has a highly visual presentation, welcoming to children of all ages. They changed the DVD box shots with large bright pictures of cartoon heroes.

Pavni Diwanji said that tha ” big motivator inside the company is everyone is having kids, so there’s a push to change our products to be fun and safe for children”. “We want to be thoughtful about what we do, giving parents the right tools to oversee their kids’ use of our products.”

Google didn’t mention the exact date when they will release this child-friendly version. However, they said that this will be a full-time effort that comes on the heel of recent kid-centric effort, such as Doodle 4 Google competition, virtual Maker Camp and Made with Code initiative. This week, we will see the lights of White House Christmas trees illuminated based on coding programs created by kids.

The purpose of Google Kids is to not give links to inappropriate content, but in the meantime it is going to give parents “the right tools to oversee their kids’ use of our products,” as Pavni Diwani said, which is also the mother of two little daughters. She also said “we want kids to be safe, but ultimately it’s about helping them be more than just pure consumers of tech, but creators, too.” 

No matter how comfortable and safe for kids is the new search engine, parents should still be careful and keep track on thier children online activity.

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