Google Search Gets Revamped

Google released a statement on Wednesday announcing their plans to revamp Google search, says CNN. Thanks to Knowledge Graph search engines will think more like a person and less like a robot enabling users to quickly find the information they need.

Just like a house needs to be redecorated from time to time, search engines, too, need to get upgraded in order to meet users’ requirements. Google understands people’s love for the novelty as well as the growing necessity to come up with more efficient products that could dethrone market competitors. Consequently, the company will effect various changes to its search engines so people could easily access the information they need.

Jack Menzel, director of product management at Google, made a brief description of the new product called Knowledge Graph. He provided an example using the word ‘king’. According to him, the current search engine does not associate this word with its real-world meanings, be they the L.A. hockey team, the TV show or monarchs. Knowledge Graph, however, will separate all search results into categories to make it easier for online users to find the website they were looking for.

Google reassures people that Knowledge Graph will be just as easy to use as the current search engine, if not easier. The results will appear in separate boxes, so people can click on the box they want to see and get more results on the topic they are interested in. Those who want to use advanced search options will also receive basic information and possibly related links in the boxes.

There will be many more versions of Knowledge Graph, but Google is convinced that users will be satisfied with the first version, as well. The program has been enriched with lots of information related to 500 million people, places and things. In addition, Knowledge Graph uses 3.5 billion attributes and connections in order to create categories.

The new search engine will be launched in U.S. starting on Wednesday afternoon and it will later on, become available for desktop, mobile and tablet searches. As usual, the product will first be available in English, but producers will release versions for other languages, as well.

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  1. Though we’ve been #1 for public records on Google for over 12 years, their Panda and Penguin algorithms have punished us so severely that we teeter on the edge of collapse. We’re not a big corporation– just a family-run business trying to help people find the government databases they need to make critical decisions. We have been so severely and continuously punished by Google over the last year that we despair that the new changes will be the final nail in our Google coffin.

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