Google Purchases Songza for $39 Million

A series of changes are going on at Google. It seems that the famous company has just signed a deal to purchase Songza, which is a popular playlist service when it comes to making customized playlists of recommended songs. 

Songza is an app which has recently turned three. During this time, the app has become widely popular, making competition even to Pandora. Initially, Google managed to keep a secret on the price it has paid for this service. However, reports reveal that the famous company has invested no less than $39 million to be able to purchase Songza. As expected, reps from Google or Songza decided to remain silent on this subject, so they revealed nothing about this new purchase. 

What is Google willing to achieve with this new purchase? Well, Songza can mean an important improvement for the company. The app can help Google provide more qualitative services when it comes to music and playlists of songs. Songza has always been described as a quite functional tool. 

“We can’t think of a more inspiring company to join in our quest to provide the perfect soundtrack for everything you do,” a statement from Songza indicated. On the other hand, Google claimed in a statement that they have no immediate plans on making certain changes to Songza. 

Well, having under consideration the popularity of this app, we can actually say that Google has managed to get a great deal. It surely paid a much lower sun than what Apple paid for Beats, which the famous company bought for the sum of $3 billion. 

Songza was first introduced in 2011, the service being actually built on the foundations of a former service, known under the name of Amie Street. The app experienced an amazing grow, so at the end of 2013 it has been reported that the company has over 5.5 million regular users. Naturally, the number is much lower compared to the users that Pandora has. The service is reported to have more than 75 million regular users. 

Well, how the service will grow and what Google really plans for the future is something yet to be discovered. Until then, users of Songza can enjoy accessing their favorite service.

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