Google Launches App Store in China

There is no doubt in the fact that the Chinese market represents a huge development opportunity for all tech companies. Now, it has been revealed that Google plans on launching the Google Play app store in China. 

It has been reported that this launch will actually give users the possibility to access about half of the users of its Android operating system. In fact, this is a comeback that Google makes on the Chinese market, as the tech giant left this market back in 2010. According to the famous company, they did so as they had to deal with various hacking attempts, as well as loss of intellectual property and persistent censorship. It is no secret that the Chinese market is under strict control, as well as all the producers that activate here. 

It has also been revealed that some of the web services in China still remain unavailable, as Google has only discussed with the Chinese government for the launch of Google Play. Moreover, it is claimed that until last minute it remains widely unknown if the government will allow Google to make the release. It has been claimed that for the launch, the famous company will collaborate with Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp. 

Until now, Google has made no official statements on the new release. Naturally, the famous company is interested in more development options in China. Actually, all tech giants have interests in this country. Apple has managed to release its latest iPhone in China after months of negotiations, but the famous company is expected to achieve impressive profits. 

Statistics reveal that at the moment, Chinese users actually account about 50 percent of all global users of the Android operating system. Moreover, China is the largest smartphone market in the world. If Google will not be able to make this move, the famous company will in fact be losing huge potential revenue, from millions of smartphones and tables which cannot access the service today. 

However, the competition in China is still impressive, so it is yet to see how the famous company will evolve. A statement from Google is expected soon, as well.

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